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Hi, I’m Casey! I’m a 20 something, adventure-loving Dallasite. I live with my fiancé (we’re getting married this summer in Cabo!) and a big ole dog, Bear. I love ice-cream, football, going to concerts and playing board games. I quit my job in music marketing in 2017 to go on tour with a rock band, and I’ve been working for myself ever since.


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Casey, what is your blog about?

Streets, Beats and Eats is a community built to remind all of us that we aren’t alone and provide resources and support in all areas of life. When I first moved to Dallas I was all alone and had no idea how to navigate my new life, so I started sharing about what I was doing to help others who were just as lost as I was. When I first “came out” about having an eating disorder, I shared my feelings and found out through sharing there were many others who shared the same struggles that I did. No topic is too small or too big to tackle if it helps someone else navigate life.

As a travel blogger, what does travel mean to you?

To me, traveling means getting to explore things outside of your bubble. Growing up in a small Kansas town, traveling with my family and through school helped show me that there’s a whole world beyond our small town. Wouldn’t be where I am today without understanding that.

Where are you from?

Originally I’m from Hutchinson, Kansas but moved to Texas in 2011. I’ve been in Dallas since 2014!


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How and why did you start blogging?

Originally I started blogging to set myself apart from other music + PR students!  My boss at an internship I had told me to set myself apart from other students to get the job of my dreams after college, and so Life’s A Hashtag was born nearly 10 years ago!

You’ve traveled to some cool places, what has been your favorite trip?

It’s hard to pinpoint a favorite trip, but one of my favorite ways to travel is on a cruise ship! I love getting to see multiple places in a single trip. You meet people from all over the world on the ship. Plus I love karaoke and I’ve never been on a ship that didn’t have an epic nightly karaoke party!


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What was your favorite travel moment?

Getting to watch my nephew see the ocean for the first time at Bald Head Island is certainly up there!

To someone who is just starting their blog, what advice would you give to them?

Just do it! Share your story. Share your expertise. You never know whose life you’ll change by sharing.


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