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Hello! I am a full time blogger who has made it my mission to encourage others to live a travel lifestyle even if that means finding magic in our own cities. I love to take little weekend trips close to home and uncover local gems!


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What is your blog about?

My Curly Adventures is mainly your #1 resource for all things Texas! There are travel guides, small-town inspirations, and everything you need to know about this great state. And there are a lot of other resources to (sometimes a girl’s gotta go a little further too!). From international guides, travel and road trip tips, blogging resources, curly hair management, and even a little fashion/beauty, there’s something for everyone

What does travel mean to you?

To me, travel is about the experience! I feel like I’ve traveled when I’ve gone to visit an international restaurant in my own city and get to learn from the people who work there. It’s all about getting out whether that means hopping on a plane, exploring a festival nearby, or visiting local places with that international knowledge and meaning!

Where are you from?

I am originally from San Antonio, TX but moved to Dallas and have stayed put ever since. I’ve always been a Texas gal, but it’s crazy to see how much of a different culture each city has! San Antonio is a whole new world compared to Dallas and both equally feel like home now!


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How and why did you start blogging?

It all kind of happened by accident! I had a 9-5 that I loved, but not very much PTO. So I decided to take weekend trips to the wine country of Texas, going sand surfing in Monahans, the English gardens of Weatherford, and so much more. Soon people started asking me about how I was finding these places and how I was traveling so much so I started a blog to share!

What has been your favorite trip?

This is so hard for me! The whole state of Texas? Internationally, Aruba has been one of my favorite trips. I loved the mixture of crystal blue waters with colorful fish swimming around and the adventurous side with ATVs, incredible rock formations, and crashing waves. Plus it’s small enough to make you feel like you can almost do everything in a week


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What was your favorite travel moment?

One of my favorite moments was in Bali when we got to stay with a local family. The house was a completely different experience than the hotels/resorts and on the last night, they cooked a delicious traditional Balinese meal and we sat around talking about all sorts of different things!

What advice would you give to others who are just starting their blog?

Find out what you can offer that no one else can. It may seem like everyone has written about everything, but there is still so much to be uncovered. It’s also so important to stick to a specific niche. That’s how you’re going to stand out the most. I would have been unmemorable as a general travel blogger, but by focusing on Texas, I was able to become a resource and someone people remembered to reference whenever they were looking for a local getaway.


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